Good Eating Habits Are A Must!

The first thing you are going to want to do is make a journal for yourself. Make an assessment or evaluation of your present daily routines and eating habits. Do you stop and get a bagel and coffee every morning? Keep your journal very accurate for at least one month. No cheating! Make a list of those foods that should be avoided (i.e. candy bar at lunch). This list will include foods that are high in fat, sodium, and all those great tasting munchies. Here is where SUBSTITUTION comes into play. We at Hippiestick realize and understand that everybody has different caloric intakes, needs and rates that he or she expends energy. For example: John eats a large breakfast, has an apple for lunch, a light dinner, and jogs a mile a day. Christine on the other hand, skips breakfast, eats a candy bar for lunch, a salad for dinner and goes to aerobics when she has time. Lets not forget our favorite; Gavin skips breakfast, has a burger and fries from a drive-thru for lunch, then he eats pizza for dinner because he has too many things to do in his busy life.
Everyone has their own strategy and thoughts about losing weight. After a month, look at your journal. We bet you’ll be amazed at all the “junk” that you may be eating. You have to treat your body with care and today’s American diet just isn’t doing that. There is far too much junk food out there. Good eating habits are a must! People need to understand that our bodies need good, wholesome foods to ensure proper balance and brain power. Does your car go when the tank is empty? Does it go when you fill the tank with anything other than gasoline? Does your car function properly when the oil is low or worse, never has been changed? The answer to all these questions is ABSOLUTELY NOT! What you take out of your body you must put back in. There has to be balance.
We suggest that four to five smaller meals throughout the course of a day instead of two or three larger meals (binge factor). This also helps in proper digestion as well. If you find yourself hungry, stick to a piece of fruit or some almonds. If you can, have a tall glass of water. Shy away from candy bars and chips. Stay away from the vending machines and soda machine! It’s the little “instead of” that makes the world of difference in trying to lose weight and just feeling healthier in general. Remember, there are no magic diet pills to take or diet shakes to drink here.

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