A Little Exercise Can Go A Long Way


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The second component in our Triangle to Success is exercise.  Exercise takes on all shapes and forms, from lifting weights to a mere walk on the beach.  It’s range is so broad that there is something for everyone.  That is the key- to find an exercise program or activity to your liking.  It doesn’t have to be lifting hundreds of pounds of weights or riding an exercise bike until you are blue in the face.  Like weight loss, to be healthy, exercise has to be gradual.  Work at your own pace and always consult your physician before you begin a program.  Stop when you feel any strain.  The very essence of exercise is to look and feel great while burning those unwanted calories.  Exercise not only builds your energy and stamina, but builds your cardiovascular system as well.  This can reduce any chances of a heart attack.  Have any of you bought a weight system or a membership to a gym, only to find yourself not using it?  The answer is because it wasn’t fun for you.  We are human.  We typically won’t do things that aren’t fun.  The secret is to find something you enjoy-walks, biking, swimming, play a sport, etc.  you get the idea.  Remember, there are no diet pills to take or diet shakes to drink here.  Get out there and find something that you like!  What are you waiting for?

Just like nutrition, the little “instead of” can go a long way.

* Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

* Take the the dog for a walk and check out your neighborhood instead of just letting the dog out in the backyard.

* Ride your bike someplace instead of taking the car.

* Wash your car instead of taking it to the auto wash.

* Push a lawn mower instead of riding one.

* Instead of the Sunday drive, take a Sunday stroll and leave out the sundae!

7 odd foods that KILL your abdominal fat (surprising fat-fighters)

It’s probably obvious to you that foods such as donuts, cookies, and fried chicken can make you fat.  But what you might not realize is that there are certain foods most people think are “unhealthy” that can actually HELP you to get a flat stomach.  Whole eggs are one example.

One of our go-to Nutrition Specialists, Mike Geary, has a few more to show you…

Here’s more of what you’ll discover:

* at least 2 foods that you thought were “healthy” that are silently packing on more stomach fat
* 7 surprising foods you probably thought were unhealthy that can actually HELP you to burn off stubborn abdominal fat
* Unique combinations of exercises that are MUCH more effective for fat loss compared to traditional “cardio”
* and lots more

The truth is that eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland and boring like dry chicken breasts and broccoli all the time.  Mike will show you how to eat in a truly healthy way that also helps to balance your hormones and boost your metabolism…

>> Surprising foods for a flat stomach  (try these today)

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