About Us

Welcome to www.hippiestick.com. Here at hippiestick.com we have an all natural, holistic approach to losing weight and proper fitness.  We’ve put together what we call our triangle to success.  It is all about Nutrition, Exercise and Determination. This is our free online all natural, holistic weight loss system. We believe if you follow only these three components you will not only lose weight, but keep it off while feeling great about yourself! There are no diet pills to take, no protein shakes or diet shakes to drink. What our system calls for is proper Nutrition, Exercise, and Determination.

We’ve had tremendous success with our program and the products we endorse.  If there is a product you see on our website, it is there because IT WORKS!  We are serious about losing weight and feeling great about yourself.  We are all business, no games.  Please feel free to email us using the contact page or hippiestickstore@yahoo.com